Who's calling?

If you are in telephone sales, the line between a cold and warm call really only exists in your head. After all, the majority of calls you make will have been "uninvited" in one way or another. 

You call prospects at your convenience. Sure, prospects invite you to call at set times and you don't want to miss those, but the rest of the calls you should be making will occur when you have the time (now) and inclination to dial.

You have two options at this point. Dial or wait for time when you think it will be better. As we mentioned in a previous post, there are no better times. Option 2 is an illusion crafted by our Amygdala to keep us from getting hurt mentally. The Amygdala was (and still probably is) great for keeping us out of the teeth of hungry lions, but it's horrible for helping us make sales.

The hidden gem of telephone sales today is Caller ID. It's a great tool and should be used to your advantage.

"This could be important..."

"This could be important..."

The number one way to use it to your advantage is to display an actual number that rings to a phone that is answered. It doesn't have to be a live human answering (that helps), but at least answer it with a recording that helps satiate their curiosity and warms them for your next attempt. They can always leave a message and tell you not to call which saves you even more time.

Caller ID helps you cull the herd of bad prospects. All the people on this planet who tell you that they never answer a call from someone they don't know are secretly doing you a favor. Instead of answering the call, making up some excuse (I'm in a meeting") and wasting your time, they are ignoring the call and letting you get on to the prospects that do answer calls.

Many of these will wait until they think you are safely on to another prospect and then call you back to see who you were. The number of calls our inbound lines receive at midnight or later will never cease to amaze me. These are primarily "tire kickers" and time wasters so we don't want to speak to them any way.

However, consider those that have taken the time to check the Caller ID of the incoming call, realized they don't know the number and answered. These are gold. These are people with a developed sense of curiosity who need to be treated to a great experience.

When they answer the phone, they've self-selected into the "curious". It's your job to use that to your advantage and deliver value to soothe their curious nature.