Who are you competing against?

"Who is your competition on this deal?"

"Who do you compete with in this market?"

"Who else is bidding on this project?"

If you are in sales, you probably hear questions like this all the time.

Most people think immediately about companies or products in this situation and I understand why. When we are thinking about solutions to problems, we immediately think in absolutes and options.

Here at API Group our biggest competition is the default option - Doing Nothing.


It's true and not only for potential clients. In our day-to-day activities making sales for financial services companies over the phone, we miss more sales with people who do nothing than we do for prospects who choose to buy from someone else.

You'll automatically make more sales by focusing on this competitor, inaction, than any product or service that might be an alternative in the market.

The enemy is inaction. The next time you pick up the phone, instead of thinking about making a sale, think about getting the prospect to do something, even if it means buying from someone else. 

Have an attitude of action and watch sales increase.