"Steve created an amazing telemarketing system which pumped out leads and sales like an erupting volcano.

His sales training for his staff was second to none.

In fact, I've never worked with a call center that produced better numbers than Steve's.

Steve has absolutely mastered the marriage of technology and selling...." 

Brad Antin Author, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Common Sense Marketing

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As a consultant, Steve surveyed the available outsource options and saw that while there were some established providers of call centre services they all had similar challenges when servicing proactive, Financial Services businesses:

  • The centres didn’t believe any 1 client makes a difference to their business
  • The centres were primarily focused on Inbound call projects
  • The centres lacked enthusiasm for outbound calling, especially on life insurance projects
  • The centres were generalist service providers that lack financial services knowledge and skills
  • The centres featured on-premise, legacy IT systems that force clients to adapt to their processes

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Our Origin Story


API Group was created in October of 2014 as a result of frustration at outsourcing options in the marketplace. It was envisioned by Steve Reck to help companies benefit from his 25 years of experience creating and building Financial Services Businesses across 3 continents and 6 countries (US, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong) in a more structured manner.

The formula he constructed for API is straightforward:

Consistency, Urgency and Transparency are values we live everyday and enjoy bringing to all or our client interactions.

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